Thursday, December 4, 2014

#65 Dirty Soles

Dirty Soles
9:40 minutes
110 tokens

REQUEST (1280x720) You are having problems getting your dick hard so, you make an appointment me. I am your masturbation therapist. I have you lie on the floor facing me and your view is from BELOW my DIRTY-soled shoes! My tone is nice, professional, helpful, and of course teasing. I start asking you various things that MIGHT turn you on. I start talking about MY shoes and “accidentally” step on your crotch through your pants, I notice a slight bulge …… hmmmm ….. and I wonder what that may mean. I also notice my shoe print on your pants and make a comment about it. Could it be you are getting turned on by DIRTY-soled shoes? Your dick is getting even HARDER! I can't let on that I have solved your problem so, I have you come back for more sessions. This clip contains: SOLES, BUBBLE GUM, CHEWING, GARTER & STOCKING, LEGS, HIGH HEELS, NON-NUDE, SHOE FETISH, POWERFUL WOMAN, THERAPY

Friday, November 14, 2014

#64 See Through My Eyes

See Through My Eyes
16:44 minutes
175 tokens

(1280x720) Have you ever wondered what it was like to be me? This clip is completely from my POV. I was so horny I just grabbed the camera and started playing. I use my LeLo vibrator until I orgasm. This Clip Contains: SOLO MASTURBATION, ORGASM, POV, VIBRATOR, TOYS, GONZO, AMATEUR, NUDITY, HARDCORE 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#63 My Makeup Routine

My Makeup Routine
17:19 minutes
130 tokens

(1280x720) Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while I get beautiful. This is your opportunity to see what I do. during my makeup routine from start to finish. Watch my face slowly transform, while I ignore you. This clip contains: MAKEUP, NON-NUDE, SMALL TITS, TRANSFORMATION, VOYEUR

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#62 Balloon Fun

Balloon Fun
3:56 minutes
100 tokens

(1280x720) I blow up 5 balloons. One of the five has a hole in it and it gets popped early. The other four get popped by my peep toe high heels. Listen to my giggles from the sound of the balloons popping. This clips contains: BALLOONS, LAUGHING, GIGGLING, INFLATABLES, NON-NUDE, HIGH HEELS, LATEX, BALLOON POPPING

#61 Public Service Announcement For Wifey

Public Service Announcement For Wifey
4:11 minutes
100 tokens

REQUEST (1280x720) You have been bitching about how your wife has let herself go. Sure she has had a few but, that is no excuse to gain obscene amounts of weight and look like a homeless bag lady. You ask me to make this clip for her so, I can let her know what a disgusting turnoff she has become. This Public Service Announcement is probably going to come to a big surprise to her since she thinks you still adore her like the woman she used to be. I let her know she is getting fat, old, and ugly. It has been a secret to her that you have been spending the family's money ME until now. How could resist this amazing body when you have her to sleep next to every night. Somebody has to let her know that she is nothing but, a fucking loser. This clip contains: HUMILIATION, VERBAL ABUSE, FEMDOM, BRAT GIRL, NON-NUDE, CONFRONTATION, CONFESSIONS